Monday, March 14, 2016

Sleepless nights!

Its almost midnight,
In a few hours,the sky will turn crimson red,
Welcoming a new day.....
My sleep eludes me tonight again.
Lying awake I listen to the songs of silence...
The ever awake city,too finally gives in to drowsiness!
As the stars begin to whisper their secrets...
I strain my ears to catch some phrases...
The shadow beside me snores away.
The gentle night breeze on its unfinished business,
Drags me and drugs me to a lifeless peaceful rest.
Tomorrow will be another day,new battles await.
Till then my muse I pray,take a break,
Recuperate,come to me tomorrow with a replished vow to conquer n avenge.

Looking Back.

Come this May and I will complete forty six revolutions around the sun.I t feels great,the feeling is overwhelming! I look back today to those days,when I used to feel bad,as every year my birth day came during the school vaccations and I could never distribute candies among my classmates and friends.Every time a classmate celebrated their birthday,I would feel a tinge of jealousy.But one cant change their birthday,right! So I had the consolation prize of being a day elder to the great Nobel Laureate,Rabindranath Tagore!!!My parents discovered this novel idea to keep me calm!