Saturday, August 7, 2010


I had heard her name whispered.
Among ladies of good 'culture',
In hushed tones it was said....
She was of easy morale!!!
Often at social do's,She would be spite upon.
Away from all these,I wondered what she longed for?
Leaving alone a family of three,Husband,daughter and son of eight,
How could a mother set herself free?
At daybreak,didnt her heart ache,to see her baby's face?
Men may be from Mars,And a wife may get tired,
But a mother?Didnt her heart bleed,
At evenings,whenever she missed her daughter?
Oblivious to my musings,I heard she lives,
In solitary confinement.Away from prying eyes,
Nestled in her mothers care,with the love-child she had,by her lover!
Her lover,a man younger in years,had finally left her.
Its said,inspite of her husbands entreaties,
She had left,her home and children,
Privileges of a blessed life,she had forsaken............
But why?Why does a woman choose to defy?
Known to be a gentile woman,And yet today she is despised!
Does it ever cross her mind,At what cost and why,did she buy this ignominy?Happiness,future,power,position.
She left it all behind!!!!
I fail to gather,how and why did she decide,
To throw it all away,for a whimsical fanciful fly?
Unbeknown to her,I try to find,
The frailities of a human-life,
That often tends to put us on our worst side.
But is it worth a try?
Is she happy,at peace with her love-child?
And the son-daughter she left behind?
They say for them she has all but died!
Will they ever understand,forgive her intrigue?
What she wanted and what she has,
I know not,having never met her,i can hardly justify.
But Rupa,I do think of you,And of your travails too.
At times when I am at the end of my patience,
I close my eyes and remember you.
I have chosen silence,so have you.
And remain ignoramus,no matter whats said by who.

My Grand-Mother

The earliest memories that i've of her..............
A septugenarian bend over a stove in the kitchen....
Tirelessly taking care of a clan of thirty!
A mother of not less than twelve.............
A dimunitive figure,bent with age,
Constantly smilling an indulgent grandparent.
Never thought of her as an independent entity!
She was just there,would always be.
The same way,it was taken for granted!
And she still is,taken for granted!!!
She lost her partner of seventy years,
And with him,she lost all coherence.
Today she is lost among her myriad worlds,
Walls and roofs around her make no sense.
She belongs to none,a mother of living ten!
Often i find our worlds interconnected,
Drawing inspiration and strength.
To accept the unexpected with as much grace.
At ninety-three almost a cabbage,dependent on others,
Sorrow n joy to whom are same!
The Gen-X have no time for trivials,
To nurture its roots and take care!
Wrapped-up in their own fake world,
Lost in individual rummages!

Closed verses in open relationships......

These days I often find, Profiles with taglines....
--"in open relationship",they say!
I cant stop wondering, how can a relation be open or shut otherwise?
As far as i have known,relationships function on their own free will.
Limits are not stretchable.Yet parameters may be redefined.
Expectations and obligations,walk beside,
Love and hatred,never precise!
Situations demand to act likewise!
If there is love,then how, can a relation,
be open to further advances undefined?
Love is antiquity now,relationships open!
Hearts closed,dedication passe'.
Commitments rare,promises a mockery!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Megher opare

Khone khone niruddesher thikanay,
Mon take uriye diye.............
Nil akasher hath-chhani te,
Chokh buje dub di...................

Sagorer amontron firiye,
Tushar-meru te khunji sukti,
Hariye jawa ek ajana pothe,
Kuriye pai mukti.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Songsar korte parena guchiye,
Na sajte-sajate!
Rannaghore mon tekena tar,
Melate parena mashkabarir hiseb!

Kobitar pathay mon porey thake,
Ganer kthaye vase je,
loke bole nari jonmo britha!
Emoni din kate se.

Chele dake ,ma khete dao,
Kintu kobitar chhondo milchena je?
Rannaghore vaat futche,
Ganer sur bandhche se!

Katche din gotanugotik,
Jak kete tobe,khoti ki?
Miliye chhondo,miliye sur,
eivabei cholbe se..............

Thursday, November 19, 2009


kobita?tumi likhte bolo,
likhte bose,kothar khela,kheyal hoy,pata khola.
Pora boi r sarir pase,tomar sei boi rakha.
lal molate mora,kichu ta ekhono baki pora!

Jiboner khatay anki-buki kata,abujh hater seo bujhi kobita!
valo laga,valobasa,sab asomapto,adhyay gulo, eke-eke muche fela.
Einaki jibon,emon vabei maniye neya,jemonta chao,temon korei pawa.
tao kano moner kone roy jay kichu megher chonya?

Jotil eto vabna-chinta! lekha r amar hoyna sara.
kichu akhorer,kta sobde,bandhbo kmone sab adhora?
tale, chonde,sure,chunye,genthe rakha kichu moner kotha,
tomar r amar moner kti chup-kotha!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I can die a thosand deaths,every day
For that face.
Keep my thirsty lips parched all day!
Just to see the happiness
In that smile.
For that face,i can bet my life
And all its moments awhile.

Sleep eludes me all night
I keep awake with drowsy eyes.
The silence simmers in summer nights.
Glows and burns my thirsty eyes.
An autumn shower,touches my soul
The cascading sounds of waterfalls
Dark clouds of uncertainty.
Spreads its wings on my entity
Silencing the singing heart.

I can survive for you
For that face
For thousand years.