Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ways of life

Strange are the ways of life
it has its own whims to try
doesnt let you have your way
but still woudnt let you get away!
whatever it has to offer,
may not always be nice,
but then you dont have much choice!
it takes you by surprise
throwing open the skies
and then drags you down the crevice
leaving you with unexplained agonies!
and none any wise
showing at your face your vice.
the more you try
the greater is the strain
against its wishesthe lesser you retain
its better to just move along
the train of life
letting it beget
youthe best bargain!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Chere diyechi ami sur
Khule diyechi ami taal
mele diyechi aj ami anchol
Vule gechi sab montrer jaal.....
Akasher thikanaye likhechi chithi,
uriye naam,na paati!
tumi sudhale ,jodi tarena chinte pari?
Shono tobe boli tomake,
pran e jodi tar baje,
Amar moner dhwoni,
parbena se erate,
jotoi na dik bidhi,haatchaani.
Mon jokhon mon ke daake,keu ki pare,take vule thakte?