Saturday, September 24, 2016


The absence of light,
Lies heavy on my eyes...
As darkness creeps,
Into the crevices of my existence,
I listen to the footfalls,
Of the friendly pall-bearers!

     Travelling along the oft-sinned paths,
     My beloved a half-blood God!
     The soul searches for a melodious song,
     Misty-eyed I bathe in your halloed light!

Awakening in me,
A long lost love,
Yet,only to light its pyre.
The desire to dance to unknown beats,
To rest beside my tired being.

          Bowed down by the agony and the guilt,
          Numbed by the fire within,
          The wait for a peacefull retreat,
          May my muse in me live!

Saturday, May 14, 2016


I have laid to rest for forever,
My unfinished Bohemian Rhapsody.
The music that haunted my soul,
I was searching for its echo...
Finally realization struck,
It was a fantasy!
Love was never meant to be,
How could it grow unto thee?
Of all the choices that lay abundant...
Why did This have to be?
Love was always the stardust of yeasteryears,
A shadow,an yearning...
But the cold fingers of reality woke,
As autumn swept away all the glow.


Its a daily fight,a war to kip the sanity intact.
To put a mask and not complain.
To just be and not exist at all.
To die so that u dont have to live.
Living costs breaths,air that u cant afford to have.
To kip smilling is a luxury that i indulge n excel,
To defy your authority ,before you break my entity n banis my existence.

More or Less

The more u shout,
The less u become in my eyes.
The more u accuse,
The less I trust.
The more u insult,
The less I love.
Yet u dont grow up.
You cant control,
You end up breaking the little that was left in me.
I dont loose,but you shall never know what u lost.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Bohemian(in) Me!

The morning sun was nvr her best friend!
The more he called her name,the lesser her responses grew...
Only the night owl knew her dreams,
The moon saw her tears stream,
Down her rosy pale cheeks.
She sang a Bohemian rhapsody,

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sleepless nights!

Its almost midnight,
In a few hours,the sky will turn crimson red,
Welcoming a new day.....
My sleep eludes me tonight again.
Lying awake I listen to the songs of silence...
The ever awake city,too finally gives in to drowsiness!
As the stars begin to whisper their secrets...
I strain my ears to catch some phrases...
The shadow beside me snores away.
The gentle night breeze on its unfinished business,
Drags me and drugs me to a lifeless peaceful rest.
Tomorrow will be another day,new battles await.
Till then my muse I pray,take a break,
Recuperate,come to me tomorrow with a replished vow to conquer n avenge.

Looking Back.

Come this May and I will complete forty six revolutions around the sun.I t feels great,the feeling is overwhelming! I look back today to those days,when I used to feel bad,as every year my birth day came during the school vaccations and I could never distribute candies among my classmates and friends.Every time a classmate celebrated their birthday,I would feel a tinge of jealousy.But one cant change their birthday,right! So I had the consolation prize of being a day elder to the great Nobel Laureate,Rabindranath Tagore!!!My parents discovered this novel idea to keep me calm!