Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ever heard silence speak?
Ever heard it cry?
Ever seen it scream,like U n I?
I see then every day,speaking not a word,
I see it in the eyes of a maid,
who has to work inspite of a broken finger!
I see a silence scream,when an xasperated mother,
wants her son to eat!
I want to scream,when all i want to do is sit and cry.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Dark days----

when the sky is dark and the wind howls past
when there arent any stars
to show us the pathleading to the father above
when the devils threaten in your sleep
do you wonder,were God ever alive!
behind the closed doors and windows
crying their hearts out
i see helpless souls in myriad colours of shame
waiting for absolution....

you- --

When the world seems unfair
wish u were near
to tell me that you cared
not so much in words if you may
just a loving smile will be ok
a touch on the shoulder,
a caring glance across
thats all i ask of you ,LIFEin this world.

failure- --

When life seems standstill do you have a feeling ?
to analyse the worth of your living???
as much as i hate to admit
yet thats what i feel ,these days
evermore... i know it hurts to admit,
but i have to say---
i have been a failure all my life indeed.


Dont get upset with life
theres more to it than just meets the eye!
open up your heart,lay out the parts
which ache much.dnt strip your soul
of secret sacred feelings of love!
pullout that which are stinging
dnt let anyone mar the beauty
of GODs divinity.

thoughts- --

In a few lines ,of a few words.
wayward dreams like streams
flow down tumbling, bubbling, delighting!
like drops of blood from my flesh
these thoughts of mine
like sapllings unnurtured!
will they survive ;the storm of life?


long stretch of wildernes, within me or about me?
a puzzle for me! not a soul can be seen
on an destitution like this!
frantically searching for an oasis!

She! ---

In a dark world she livesand in blank verses she sings
a melancholic song that sweeps all beautifull things away
She lives in her world alone
doing her sins atone!
crying to be blesssedwith new sings again...
a forlorn figure, withering away.
could Gods creation help such sway?
mercy!mercy!all do pray..


ratrer avisar
churi kora kichu upohar
mone pore sei chele belar khelaghor
sajano sab putuler ghor
aj vanga-chora sab
neiko r kono protikar
bolte chai, o mon,khule dao sab bandhon
vasiye diye ei vela
chole jai sab vule,ei parthib protikha.......


  • sara akash vora tara,
    tao ami aj o eka,
    tumi jante chao,ami kano eka?
    achi apekhyay,jani thik pabo dekha!
    sei surjo sei hobe amar dhrubo tara.
    jar sporshe pabo jibon dorshoner dekha.

    ekta khin prochesta matro amar,
    jani jabena tao britha,
    Jodi chhunye jay tomae,aamar se byatha.
    majh somudreo,thake je pipasa.
    sei bodhoy valobasa,
    jar nam roy galo ajana.