Saturday, September 29, 2007


Of jarring speeches n soulless voices
Of barefoot travails n painful cries
Ears of silence n speaking time.
Unending paths of winding chaos
Of lost spaces n forever long eons
Of dead carcasses lost in sea of inhuman faces.
The dragging,stumping feet of unthinking masses
The story of all mundane lives
The loss of innocence n songless tribes.
Tears of morbidity in sleepless eyes
Scentless flowers in burning pyres
Islands of destitutions n insipid relations!
Despairing thoughts n stunted dialogues
Sacred blessings n patched histories
Departed values n never ending queues.
The list is long n overdue,
The mind is numb n forever accrue
Times have come n eons gone through,yet mankind awaits solitude.

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