Saturday, August 7, 2010


I had heard her name whispered.
Among ladies of good 'culture',
In hushed tones it was said....
She was of easy morale!!!
Often at social do's,She would be spite upon.
Away from all these,I wondered what she longed for?
Leaving alone a family of three,Husband,daughter and son of eight,
How could a mother set herself free?
At daybreak,didnt her heart ache,to see her baby's face?
Men may be from Mars,And a wife may get tired,
But a mother?Didnt her heart bleed,
At evenings,whenever she missed her daughter?
Oblivious to my musings,I heard she lives,
In solitary confinement.Away from prying eyes,
Nestled in her mothers care,with the love-child she had,by her lover!
Her lover,a man younger in years,had finally left her.
Its said,inspite of her husbands entreaties,
She had left,her home and children,
Privileges of a blessed life,she had forsaken............
But why?Why does a woman choose to defy?
Known to be a gentile woman,And yet today she is despised!
Does it ever cross her mind,At what cost and why,did she buy this ignominy?Happiness,future,power,position.
She left it all behind!!!!
I fail to gather,how and why did she decide,
To throw it all away,for a whimsical fanciful fly?
Unbeknown to her,I try to find,
The frailities of a human-life,
That often tends to put us on our worst side.
But is it worth a try?
Is she happy,at peace with her love-child?
And the son-daughter she left behind?
They say for them she has all but died!
Will they ever understand,forgive her intrigue?
What she wanted and what she has,
I know not,having never met her,i can hardly justify.
But Rupa,I do think of you,And of your travails too.
At times when I am at the end of my patience,
I close my eyes and remember you.
I have chosen silence,so have you.
And remain ignoramus,no matter whats said by who.

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deep said...

The silence is the greatest poem hitherto unwritten unheard.........

Keep on writing please...